about Beards and Blackbirds…

Philosophical, trendy and yet able to laugh at yourself... just like life. We think that's what bearded blackbirds describes best...

Philosophical, trendy and yet able to laugh at yourself… just like life.
We think that’s what bearded blackbirds describes best.
Originally created as a brand for “bearded man”, we are meanwhile much more than this…
We want to target people who are looking for “more”. People who want to convey a message to the outside. People who do not just want to watch and wait.
On the one hand, the brand is intended to stimulate thought and on the other hand, to ensure that it is not done.
How often do we worry about things? But instead of acting and standing up for these things, we watch them break us down from the inside.

Then again, we face situations in which we just hesitate… and so we cut ourselves to experience something funny and great because we are afraid of what others might think about us.
Right here we want to start… wear something, that carries your hope and your values outward, wear a smile even in bad times, wear something that expresses all this, wear bearded blackbirds!